Installation, Testing, Studying, and Certification

Click below for more information and step-by-step guides to installing and working with neo and DynEd courses and tests. You can also explore our library of informative Student Orientation Videos – essential tools for getting your students started on the right footing!  Frequently Asked Questions are also listed here.

Installation & User Guides for neo Courses

Student Orientation Videos for neo Courses

Installation & User Guides for DynEd Courses

Student Orientation Videos for DynEd Courses

IT 70 SOV1---Starting-(web-page-picture-for-video)
IT 71 SOV2---Evaluating-(web-page-picture-for-video)
IT 72 SOV3---Confirming-(web-page-picture-for-video)
IT 74 SOV5---Learning-(web-page-picture-for-video)
IT 75 SOV6---Speaking-(web-page-picture-for-video)